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Obsessive Compulsive v2.0


Another typing idiosyncrasy that I occasionally find my self stuck in is the even-more-specific “www” vortex.  For reasons beyond my capacity, it’s still necessary to type the superfluous “www” at the beginning of web addresses, and sometimes once I start, it’s like my body just doesn’t want to stop.  It’s like scratching a good itch– my finger’s like a dog’s leg that just keeps typing wwwwwwwwwww and then I have to backspace.  But man, did that feel good.


Obsessive Compulsive…


Do you ever, after typing a word, realize that you’ve accidentally only typed a single letter when the word should have had two of those letters back-to-back, so you move your cursor back with the arrow key in order to type the second letter, but you accidentally move the cursor back one letter too far so that the letter you type now becomes the first letter instead of the second letter, and even though it looks exactly the same and nobody would know the difference you feel utterly compelled to delete the letter you just typed, move your cursor one space to the right, and then retype the same letter so it’s done in the correct order?  Because I just did that.

The word?  Excellent.

More Inane Filler


Just to test the photo uploading and layout apparatus, here’s a lovely pic of Jon Stewart I took on Deanna’s iPhone the other night.  I paused it after fast-forwarding the commercials, and caught my man Jon in one of those wonderful mid-expression grimaces.  One eye open, one eye shut, in an almost prizefightery-swollen-shut display of expressive prowess, completed by the buck-toothed lip biting and urgent hand gesticulation.  Looks like a well-dressed Quasimodo.  Or maybe Jerry Lewis:


Mission Statement


This is cheating, as it’s also the content of the “About” page, but you’re probably not going to read that, and in the short term I’m going to pad this space with filler.  Looks better that way.

Hi there.  I’m Miles.  As you can tell from the title, I like to keep expectations low.  I’m going to write here.  It might not be interesting.  We’ll see.

First, and most importantly: I don’t know anything.  I don’t presume to know anything.  I don’t think I’m right about everything.  I’m not an authority on anything.  I’m just a nice schmuck who sometimes has a lot to say.  I might be wrong about things.  In fact I can pretty much guarantee it.  I try to base my opinions in fact, but there are lots of facts out there.  So you’re encouraged to show me some new ones.

Second, I think everything’s interesting.  If you’re paying attention, or have time to devote to actually considering different aspects of a topic, then everything is interesting.

Third, well, I don’t think there was a third.  Sorry.

So welcome!  Welcome to The Fountain of Brilliance…

The Fountain Spews Forth!


Okay, so the blog is launched.  Still figuring everything out here– playing with the templates, layout, designing the header, etc.  Don’t think I’ve found everything yet.  Do you like artichokes?