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Record Store Day!


The Maelstrom Continues.

As I proceed to gnaw away at the gargantuan pile (okay, a lot of it’s digital, so it’s sort of a metaphorical pile) of music I have before me (mentioned in a previous post) I’ve become somewhat resigned to the fact that I may have crossed over a point of no return.

The act of music consumption, at least as a near-religious exercise, is clearly something I just don’t have time for these days.  I prefer to listen to music actively.  It’s not a passive experience.  That’s just the way my brain works.  I’ve had conversations with my friend Mauricio about this recently, and have thoughtfully explored the pros and cons of having access to more music than we can possibly synthesize.  The inevitable conclusion, for me, is that I would have to cease all other input from television, computing, and books (remember books?) in order to properly listen to all the music I own and give it its due respect.  This is somewhat unrealistic, and is therefore a problem.  The solution?  Record Store Day!

Yes, that’s right, Record Store Day.  I’ve got more music than I can absorb, so what do I do?  Buy more music!  I know I don’t need it, but nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than to patronize local niche businesses run by people who love what they do.  Actual physical record stores may be a dying (or shrinking) breed, but Atlanta has an embarrassment of riches in this department, what with Decatur CD (my personal favorite), Criminal Records, Wuxtry, and  Wax ‘n’ Facts all within five miles of each other.  Supreme!  And I’m happy to report that Record Store Day 2010 set records (har har) for vinyl sales and was a huge success!  So much for that dying breed comment.

I’m proud to have done my part to prop up the industry (despite my lack of personal funds) by breaking my superfluous spending fast.  This year’s haul:

A 180 gram vinyl reissue of James Taylor’s second album: Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon (this is a hell of an album, so pick it up if you don’t have it)

The second She And Him CD: Volume Two (I didn’t love their first album, but I dig Zooey Deschanel so what are you gonna do?)

The first CD from Austin, Texas based The Sword: Age Of Winters (from 2006).  Raging slabs of Sabbath-style Gibson SG metal from a non-self-parodying contemporary metal band.  A rare phenomenon indeed.

So if you missed out on Record Store Day, don’t despair!  The stores are still there, and they need your business, so go pick up a CD or five that you always meant to buy but never did.  Record stores are special places.  Let us hope they never leave us.

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