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Obscure Monday Radness


This here’s Ray Bonneville.  I only know about him because once, in 1998, as I was falling half-asleep at about one in the morning in my first apartment in Atlanta, PBS had displayed the usual penchant for top-notch musical programming.  Ray was playing a set, and did a song that, in my twilight delirium, just seemed like the most perfect song I’d ever heard at the time by the name of “The Good Times.”  I struggled to move my body enough to write the guy’s name down so I could check him out after I slept, and I’m glad I did!  Ray is the real deal, a good writer and musician who’ll probably never be super-famous but keeps on trucking with good tunes.  “The Good Times” isn’t available on youtube or iTunes, so I thought I’d give you a nice version of probably his most popular song.

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